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The Western Suburban Wrestling League (WSWL) has been providing Local & Regional tournaments in the state of Colorado for over 30 years.   In the past 30 years our tournaments have allowed wrestlers to hone there skills and develop into youth state & National champions.  Youth Teams that compete every week in our tournaments are regularly in Track Wrestling's Top 25 teams in the country.   Not only are our member clubs producing some of the best Varsity Teams in the state of Colorado, but they have been producing top NCAA, National and World Level talent.

Maya Nelson-Jr World Champ

8 WSWL Girls Now All-American's

10 girls from league member teams traveled out to Oklahoma City for USAW Girls Folkstyle Nationals and 8 Earned All-American honors, with two falling one match short.  Here is the list of our place winners including Nation Finalists Faith Tarrant (Champion) and Timberly Martinez.

Kids Division II (2005-2007) 110 - Faith Tarrant's place is 1st (MJ-Mustang's)

Kids Division I (2008-2010) 60 - Timberly Martinez's place is 2nd (MJ-Mustang's)

Kids Division II (2005-2007) 95 - Alicen Dillard's place is 3rd (Golden)

Kids Division I (2008-2010) 70 - Clara Hail's place is 4th (Chatfield)

Kids Division II (2005-2007) 65 - Jade Chi's place is 4th (Chatfield)

Kids Division I (2008-2010) 70 - Makena Heston's place is 6th (Bear Creek)

Kids Division II (2005-2007) 65 - Mariah Dillard's place is 7th (Golden)

Schoolgirl 81 - Journey Ruiz's place is 7th (Alameda)

Schoolgirl 81 - Janessa George-DNP (Chatfield)

Schoolgirl 89 - Savannah Cosme-DNP (Bear Creek)

Big Thanks to Lean Athletics for WSWL National Team Singlet's.

WSWL Tournaments Are Open To all USA Card Holders

If your wrestler has a USA Wrestling Card, they are welcome to come compete in our Sunday Tournaments through out the winter Season.  See our 'Tournaments' Page to see our Schedule!

This includes all Metro & Peak 2 Peak Wrestling League members.

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